If I let my property unfurnished, do I still need to supply any white goods?
Where the property is required unfurnished, landlords will still be required to supply the following items;

What do I need to do when I lease my property?
Simply call our leasing team who will be pleased to arrange a no obligation property valuation. We will meet you at the property and advise you of any areas that may need addressing prior to leasing your property.

How long will the process of letting my property take?
Generally the leasing process can be as quick as 24 hours to a maximum of 10 days.

Who is responsible for bills and Council Tax?
All utility bills and Council Tax will be transferred to the tenants by Empire Property Connections (EPC) Limited. During the term of the contract, the tenant will be liable for all utility bills and Council Tax.

How do I get paid?
All payments are made by an automated BACS system. 

When do I get paid?
Rental payments are made monthly on the due date.

Do you charge a monthly commission?
No. The rent agreed will be the rent that you receive from Empire Property Connections (EPC) Limited every month. We do not charge commission or a management fee.

How do I know what rent I am getting paid?
You will be advised of this prior to signing a contract. This will also be included in the landlord’s copy of the contract.

Do I receive any form of statements for the rent that I receive?
Yes. Every month/quarter you will receive a payment advice which will state the amount of rent you have received.

Do I have to inform my mortgage company?
You will need to check with your mortgage lender whether your mortgage terms allow you to let your property.

What documents will I require in order for me to lease my property?
You will require the following documents to lease your property. Please use the following landlord check-list:

Remember, if you do not have a valid gas safety, electric, or Energy Performance Certificate, we can arrange these for you, just ask a member of the team by calling 0208 478 5600

Who We Work With

We are not tied to one borough and work in most local authorities in London so we are able to offer your property to numerous boroughs to ensure you achieve the best possible rental income.